My Reflection on EDTK 2030 with Some Useful Links for Educators

Prior to my experiences throughout this course “Information and Communication Technology in Education,” I must admit that I was always hesitant to delve into technology as new innovations were quite mind boggling but my confidence in this field surfaced after I made my first Animoto video.  That was like my icebreaker for the entire course.  I later began learning about the convergence of all the outdated media tools and how they come together to give me new technological experiences, something I enjoy very much but never really knew the concept behind it. A big eye opener for me was reading about the various web 2.0 tools that exist and how I can use them to enhance children’s learning experiences as well as my own.

Nearing the completion of the course, I became even more confident to explore different areas of technology as my curiosity was piqued.  My only regret is that one semester was a bit too short for me to fully explore everything this course had to offer and I was just beginning to have some fun. Nonetheless, I am ever so grateful for the new knowledge I have gained and I can confidently say that this course has taken me on another level towards my professional development. 

Please see the following links which can be useful to educators:


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