Why Authenticity of Information is so Important & How We Ensure that our Students are Finding Suitable and Reliable Information from the Internet

The authenticity of information within the educational realm is vital to the authenticity of student’s learning. Accurate educational information could determine if a student is gaining opportunities to create meaning and connect with the wider world or if they are just barely taking in any information for mere meaningless discussions.  If the information is not authentic, chances for building their own knowledge could be very slim as they could miss out on genuine instances to think critically, manipulate, evaluate and utilize data, all of which could assist in enhancing their cognitive development. 

Some ways teachers can ensure that students are finding reliable information from the internet are by asking them to: compare and contrast the information they retrieve; make sure the authors names are given and they are qualified, observe grammatical errors in the text and make sure the information represents facts and is not opinionated (MacDonald, n.d.).


MacDonald, B.W. (n.d.) Research using the internet. Retrieved online from: http://www.writing.utoronto.ca/advice/reading-and-researching/research-using-internet


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