Media Convergence

The Experts on Convergence

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When separate types of media, having different functions, blend or come together to offer the same benefits in a singular form, we are presented with the process of convergence.  Nachison (2002) describes convergence as the strategic and cultural union of print, audio, video and interactive digital information services and organizations.


Enhancing communication skills in the classroom using forms of media

The digital camera

The digital camera can be used at field trips and  outdoor activities to take pictures and videos of objects and situations that interest the children. They can then be utilized  in the classroom, allowing children to converse and express their thoughts on the content.

Another form of media

The projector

The pictures and videos that were taken with the digital camera  can then be viewed through the projector, revealing greater exposure to content, allowing for further expressions and discussionss.


Separate media devices blend, offering us the process of convergence. Teachers can use these media devices advantageously in the classroom to accomplish certain learning  objectives, one being communication skills.


Reddi, V.U. ( cited in Nachison, 2002). Role of ICTS in education and development: Potential pitfalls and challenges. Retrieved from:      


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