An Example of a Discovery Learning Lesson or Lesson Plan Using the Internet

Discovery learning and its relevance to ICT mediated instruction

Sviniki. D.M. (1998) stated that discovery learning focuses on active involvement where learning is more meaningful as learners actively engage in problem solving while making connections based on their own prior knowledge.  The use of ICT tools for instruction offers users this opportunity to partake in discovery learning, through active participation as they manipulate the various digital media tools to research, solve problems and make connections while they explore the world around them.

Discovery learning online lesson plan

This is a link found online for a science lesson plan which incorporates discovery learning and ICT.

In this lesson, students will name the four seasons and be able to create a basic web using the ICT tool Kidspiration. They will explain the differences among the four seasons while completing graphic organizers as they match seasons to the names, add clips and change texts.  Some other ICT tools they will use are the LCD projector, and the interactive Smart Board which will ask students background information about the seasons.

Strategy and assessment

The teacher will first create a web while students observe the method and tools used to create it. They will then proceed, by working in pairs to construct their own web using Kidspiration. They will also learn how to save work for later retrieval.  In assessing such learning, students will be asked questions related to the topic to ensure that they have an understanding of what is being taught while I give feedback and assist them in using the ICT tools.

An area they will problem solve, discover new connections and construct new thinking

Learners will have the opportunity to problem solve by matching up the four seasons to their names using the graphic organizer.  They will construct new models of thinking as they attempt to discover and determine the differences among the seasons and try to make connections with their real life experiences using the ICT tools to facilitate the learning process.


Bellow, A. (2012). Seasons: Making a graphic organizer. Available online at

Svinicki, M. D. (1998). A theoretical foundation for discovery learning. Retrieved online from:


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