An Educational Wiki Site, Its Objectives, User Friendliness and Inherent Features & Ways it Can Be Improved

Wikis permit collaboration and interaction as authors select materials, revise, reflect, edit and publish, all which help develop thinking skills. EDTK 2030, Unit 5, p 111 as cited in Berger and Trexler, 2010).  This is a link to an educational wiki that fosters collaboration Discovery -Ism Project-Questions, Collaboration, and Support

This wiki aims to encourage students to know who they are and stand up for what they believe in. It aims to foster confidence at an early age to prepare students to enter high school with a clear affirmation of what they stand for. The features which are inherent on the wiki itself allows for the collaboration process to take place among students, for example, the side bar provides the links by which these discussions and collaborations can take place. There is also a search bar and links to recent changes, pages and files and members. Some other inherent features on the home page are the table of contents, and links for notifications, RSS feeds,discussion viewing and editing. 

Although these inherent features make for easy navigation, some ways it can be improved upon are to include links for plagiarism checks and to also include extra security to prevent vandalism and inappropriate content and links from other users.



EDTK 2030 (2014) Information and Communication Technologies in Education. Unit 4. Educational application of web 2.0 Tools (p.111). [Essential Reading] UWI Open Campus.


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